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Data and History

We have data on all finishing performances at the Bull Run Run going back to the first event in 1993. There are also reports of the event going back for several years. Most of those reports have photos linked to them.

All Time Finishers Lists
Data Through 2017 Event

CategoryRunner (age)YearTime
Overall Matt Woods (31) 2011 6:08:14
Master 40-49 Tom Nielsen (44) 2004 6:17:24
Senior 50-59 Jack Pilla (52) 2011 6:49:57
Super Senior 60-69 Michael Campbell (60) 2010 8:30:58
Seventy Senior Gary Knipling (73) 2017 11:39:00
Overall Aliza Lapierre (31) 2012 7:04:59
Master 40-49 Anne Riddle Lundblad (41) 2008 7:31:17
Senior 50-59 Nancy Kleinrock (50) 2011 8:32:25
Super Senior 60+ Maureen Rohrs (61) 2017 11:12:41
Bull Run Run has always used the same, general course, but that general course has had many variations. Those variations have been significant enough that we can't call these "course records." We believe that the current course is neither the fastest nor slowest version.

Event Programs by Chris Scott

Reports from Prior Battles


Most Bull Run Run Trail Miles
(Updated through 2016)
NameTotal TimeAverage TimeFinishes
Frank Probst238:12:429:55:3224
Tom Green249:06:5410:49:5223
Tim Stanley199:35:099:04:2022
Suzi Spangler156:57:1110:27:4915
Michele Harmon134:53:218:59:3315
Marcia Peters150:38:5610:44:5514
These are the men and woman who have finshed the Bull Run Run the most times. Frank has finished all Bull Run Runs. Tom has finished all but one and Tim all but two. In 2016, Michele Harmon joined Suzi Spangler as the as the women with the most finishes.

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