Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 17-18, 2014
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught the use of personal listening devices.

Given the informality of the Solo Division, there may be names left off this list. This list is based on those whom the RD identified at the finish as in the Solo Division. If you see an error, please contact the RD.

Solo Men
14Pierre Loic Deragne4619:23:31
25Jason Lantz3321:00:55
36Jonathan Allen3521:00:55
413Rande Brown4323:42:19
514Tim Toogood4423:46:58
615Jack Kurisky4623:54:29
721Keith Knipling3824:46:45
822Kyle Fricke2924:47:39
930Bernard Pesjak4527:16:12
1032Jim Harris4927:19:07
1135Ryan O'Dell2927:25:43
1238Dan Rogers3827:32:08
1343Jason Brady3527:53:42
1447Miguel Pereira2728:05:55
1549Conrado Bermudez4128:05:55
1650Leon Vandenhoven5128:05:55
1755Randy Yasenchak5428:19:04
1859Kean Hankins4829:12:21
1965Brian O'Connor4829:46:32
2072Christopher Martin4730:12:58
2173Greg Trapp5130:14:09
2279Brock Webb3830:59:05
2387Luis Miguel Callao4431:53:32
2491Nathan Augustine4032:09:31
2594Charles Leonard5832:18:34
26110Levi Rizk3034:04:01
27118John Godinet5734:22:46
28122Gary Maier6134:28:48
Solo Women
175Susan Donnelly5130:29:13
281Joanne Fenninger4831:05:36
3129Andi Ramer4034:57:18

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