Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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How to Get to the
Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp

Important: You will enter the Camp from route 675 this year. Parking will be on the right after you enter. All activities, including check in, the start, and the finish are on the left. The parking is very close to these activities. (See: Map of the Camp itself)

We also have a map and elevation chart of the course.

Here is how to get to the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp, the start and finish of the MMT. Most activities associated with the MMT 100 are here including pre-race briefing and meal, start, finish, and award ceremony.

Here are the coordinates of the Camp for your GPS: 38.740111,-78.510965

The Google Map at right should be very helpful to you. If you just want the directions from Dulles Airport (and the DC area), use the link:


From Washington, DC; Points East; and North and South on I-95

From Points West and I-81 north and south

Take I-81 to exit 279, Edinburg, and follow instructions above from that point.

From Points Southeast (e.g. Charlottesville, Richmond)

Important Note

If you are coming from the east (the Washington, DC area including any of the three airports - National, Dulles, or BWI), there are three ways to go. The directions above take you on what we believe is the simplest way that involves the most freeway and the better road over the Massanutten Mountain. But there are other options. The three main options are:

NOTE FOR ALL ROUTES: I-66 east of Gainsville can be a parking lot on Friday afternoon (and other random times). All three routes above use this stretch of I-66. If you don't like sitting in traffic, you want to get on I-66 before noon on a Friday.

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