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Drop Bag Rules

Oversized drop bags have become a big problem. They greatly burden volunteers, and we don't have room for them. We now have "rules," not merely guidance. Enforced size restrictions -- soft bags only!

We will take your drop bag to each aid station that provides for them. (See the aid station chart to see where you can have a drop bag.) We make every effort to do this right, and have your drop bag there for you. Please follow the rules and guidelines here to help us get your bags to you.

Your bag goes in the box. Boxes are marked with the aid station name.
The photos on this page show earlier locations for drop bag collection, but the boxes are the same used today.

Getting the drop bags to the proper aid stations is a big job. Fortunately, thanks to Bill Sublett, we have a system that works well without excessive strain on our volunteers. It will help greatly if you read and comply with the guidance here.

The Rules

  1. The runner's items must be in a bag, i.e. a pliable container -- no plastic or cardboard boxes or other rigid containers.
  2. The runner's drop bag package must fit in our box. That means that it can be no longer than 16 inches, no wider than 10 inches, and no higher than 6 inches.
  3. Drop bags must fit through a measured cut-out before they can be accepted.

When are drop bags due?

Check the event schedule for the time by which you must give us your drop bags. We cannot take drop bags after that time.

What can go in drop bags?

Here are some considerations for what can go in your drop bag:

Specific Instructions

Getting Your Drop Bags Back

We will take your drop bags back to the finish line at the conclusion of the event. The schedule for taking the bags back is complicated and varies by aid station. If you finish near the end of the event, your bags should be waiting for you at the finish line. If you finish near the front of the pack, or if you drop out, some of your bags will not be at the finish line when you arrive.

Please pick up your drop bags or make arrangements for someone to do it for you. It is a major hassle for us each year to deal with drop bags that are left at the event. If you finish early or drop out and don't want to stay at the finish line, please find someone to pick up your bags for you. We will not mail drop bags after the event.

Volunteer Bill Sublett awaits your drop bag! Orange, gray, red, and whatever other color was on sale, plastic boxes take the drop bags. There are signs on and by the boxes to show which aid station they are for. It is your responsibility to pick the right box.

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