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    Nature threw a lot at us for the sixth MMT. Ian Torrence and Sue Johnston each repeated prior victories. Temperatures rose into the 90s during the run. Additionally, we had hail storms, brush fires, a snake bite, and a broken arm. The largest MMT field--128 runners--started the event, but over half failed to finish. As usual Ed Demoney organized a quality event and many volunteers contributed to the runners' safety and enjoyment.

    Timing is everything in life. On the Monday after the event, the weather in northern Virginia was in the low 70s and the overnight temperature was predicted to be near freezing.

    The ribbons are all down now. Scott Mills, Derrick Carr, and Peyton Robinson took the final ribbons down on Friday, May 19. If you see a yellow ribbon or a chemlite on the trail now, please take it down. Thanks!

    Thanks to Valerie Meyer, we have quick, accurate data about the event. The results, splits (both arrival times and times between checkpoints, and the all time finishers and performance lists are available. There are still only three people who have finished five MMTs. They are the same five who have finished all six MMTs--John Geesler, Tom Sprouse, and Phil Wright. I will say, however, that each of these three runners looked horrible at the Edinburg Gap aid station. John Geesler took a half hour nap, then lept up and ran off without even saying goodbye. Tom Sprouse basically dropped at Edinburg. Joe Clapper and I got him to think about it for awhile, he changed his mind, and he finished.

    If you have MMT pictures and want to share them, send them to me. You can e-mail them to Anstr Davidson at anstr@att.net.

    Don't forget the party for VHTRC volunteers on June 10. All volunteers are invited as our guests. Event participants are welcome also and will be asked for a small contribution. Full information is available here.

    Wildflower Report from Gary Knipling

    Wild AzaleasFor those who may be interested, I have compiled a list of the wildflowers I observed in bloom on the MMT course on May 13-14, 2000. As you know, the course traverses through three Virginia counties : Warren, Page and Shenandoah. Many of the wildflowers were fairly common throughout the course and they are designated as such. When the flowers were more isolated or confined, the location is indicated. This is my fourth time for being on the MMT course on race weekend, and I believe the wildflower display this year was the most spectacular. There were two wildflowers that I had never before seen in Fort Valley : Spiderwort (purple) and Turkey Beard (white).

    The list :

    • Wild Azalea (pink) , common
    • Deerberry (white) , common
    • Bluets (blue, lavender) , common
    • Blackberry (white) , common
    • Mountain Laurel (pink, white) , common
    • Beardtongue (purple) , common
    • Yellow Wood Sorrell (yellow) , common
    • Star Grass (yellow) , common
    • Jack in the Pulpit (green) , common
    • Violets (blue, white, lavender) , common
    • Ground Ivy (purple) , common
    • Bowman's Root (white) , Buzzard's Rock, Duncan Hollow
    • *Spiderwort (purple) , Shawl Gap, Bird Knob
    • Buttercup (yellow) , Rt 613
    • Pussytoes (white) , Rt 613, woods near finish
    • Violet Wood Sorrell (lavender) , Indian Grave, Waterfall
    • Cinquefoil (yellow) , Indian Grave, Habron Gap
    • Goat's Beard (pale yellow) , Rt 684 before Habron Gap ( I observed with Russ Evans before he just took off and left me)
    • Blue-eyed Grass (blue) , " ( " )
    • Blue Cohash (blue) , Kennedy Peak, Woodstock Tower
    • Spring Beauty (pink, white) , Duncan Hollow
    • *Turkey Beard (white) , top of Waterfall
    • Pink Lady's Slipper (pink) , Visitor's Ctr, Bird Knob
    • Wild Phlox (lavender) , Bird Knob , Bear Wallow Tr
    • Hawkweed (yellow) , near 211 East
    • Dame's Rocket (blue, lavender) , Rt 730
    • Autumn Olive (green), north end of Short Mt (smelled in the dark for me)
    • Wild Geranium (blue) , Powell's Fort
    • Rattlesnake Weed (yellow) , Powell's Fort , Bear Wallow Tr
    • Chrysoganum (yellow) , Eliz Furnace

    I'm sure there were other flowers out there that I missed seeing. A big THANK YOU to Ed Demoney and his long list of wonderful assistants and volunteers for making it possible for me and the other runners to enjoy nature's beauty, and bounty, and power, which were all displayed in the 36 hours of the 2000 MMT.

    Happy trails,


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