2001 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100
Results, Photos, and Information

Jean Heishman and Janice Haug at Milford Gap


Courtney Campbell, his Dad, and Greg LoomisIn great weather, Courtney Campbell won the seventh Massanutten Mt. Trails 100. Janice Anderson won the female division. Coutney ran a good time on a course that everyone agreed was harder, some say significantly harder, than the former course. Greg Loomis, in a self-proclaimed "groove," ran a good race on Courtney's heals. Greg actually ran several of the last sections of the course as fast as Campbell, but he had given up too much time over the earlier sections. Courtney ran the first 3.2 miles on the road in under 17 minutes!

In a stiring race, Gary Knipling took is second Senior title by staying ahead of Hans-Dieter Weisshaar by just over a minute.

Thanks again to Valerie Meyer, we have quick, accurate data about the event. Valerie posted live results over the Internet during the race. The three people who are locked into finishing very MMT--John Geesler, Tom Sprouse, and Phil Wright--all kept their strings alive. These runners, however, looked much better at the Edinburg Gap aid station than last year, with the possible exception of Phil Wright.

Loreen Hewitt, Phil Hesser, and Leonard Martin, last three finishersIf you have MMT pictures and want to share them, send them to me or if you post them elsewhere on the web, let me know where so I can link to them. You can e-mail phots to Anstr Davidson at anstr@att.net. Please crop them first, if you can! (Or seek guidance from me ahead of time.)

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