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Rules for Pacers

Here are the rules the runner and the pacer are expected to follow:

  1. A pacer may join a runner at anytime at the Camp Roosevelt aid station (63.5 miles) or any aid station beyond that point where crew access is allowed. They may join a runner after 6 p.m. on Saturday at the Habron Gap aid station (54 miles).
  2. Pacers may only join a runner at an aid station.
  3. A runner may only have one pacer at a time.
  4. The pacer and runner must remain together at all times -- that is, the pacer cannot come into an aid station ahead of the runner in order to fill up water bottles and grab food, etc. in order to save the runner time at the station.
  5. The pacer is a companion not a leader. That is, (and we know this one is hard to enforce, so we hope that you do the honorable thing) the runner is supposed to "lead" and find and follow the course on his own.
  6. The pacer is not a "mule." That is, the pacer is not supposed to carry the runner's water bottles, etc.

The Pacer Page

Use this page to look for a pacer at the MMT. Whether you have a pacer at MMT is optional. Many people have finished the course without a pacer, many have used one. If you want a pacer or you want to be a pacer, register below.

There are two reasons for this page. First, it is designed to help runners and pacers connect. Second, it is designed to take the burden off the RD to connect runners and pacers.

If you register on this page, we will list your name, home town, sex, and whether you are front/middle/back of the pack. Example: "Anstr Davidson, Arlington, VA, Male, Back of the Pack."

You must have an e-mail address to register on this page. Your e-mail address will not be visible to other visitors, but we will use it to forward any inquiries to you.

If you want to contact someone on this page, click on his or her name and the system will send an e-mail to that person automatically. You may then establish contact directly.

If you have any problems with this process, contact Anstr Davidson at

Pacer/Runner Registration

This is an optional service to connect runners and pacers. Pacers are not required to register.

Male Female

Front Middle Back of the Pack

a pacer a runner whom I can pace

All Information to this point will display on this page.

Your e-mail address will not be displayed publicly but you must enter it to use this service. When someone wants to contact you, the server will forward his or her message to you by e-mail without disclosing your e-mail address to the sender.

To delete your name from this page, enter your first and last name as it appears on the Runner/Pacer list and the e-mail address you registered with, check this box, and click the Register button below. Your record should be deleted. If it is not deleted, then it is probably because you must enter your name and e-mail address exactly how we have it listed, including capitalization.

Runners and Pacers

Here are the entrants looking for pacers and those who want to pace and entrant. You may contact one of these people by marking his or her name and then clicking "Send E-Mail" below. If you contact a person, you MUST include your e-mail address so he or she can respond.

Runners Who Want Pacers
NameHomeSexSpeedSend E-Mail
Brad BansnerWernersville, PaMaleMiddle of Pack
David CaveyAlexandria, VaMaleMiddle of Pack
Iris CooperThornhillFemaleBack of Pack
Sirisha GollaAshburn, VaFemaleBack of Pack
Jeffery HayesPhiladelphiaMaleMiddle of Pack
Lisa Jones Virginia BeachFemaleMiddle of Pack
Shalini KovachSt.louis, MoFemaleMiddle of Pack
Rick MuellerBurkeMaleBack of Pack
People Willing to Be a Pacer
NameHomeSexSpeedSend E-Mail
Michael HornerVirginia Beach, VaMaleBack of Pack
Meir LewinRockville, MdMaleMiddle of Pack
Steve McAninchState College, PaMaleMiddle of Pack
James NelsonArlington, VaMaleMiddle of Pack
Ram OrugantiNewington, VaMaleBack of Pack
Danny PimientaGermantown, MdMaleBack of Pack
Christiann RogersCharlottesvilleFemaleMiddle of Pack
Jim SmuckerHarrisonburg, VaMaleMiddle of Pack
Jeffrey StauchMontgomery, AlMaleMiddle of Pack

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