Splits for the 1998 MMT

We have pretty good splits for the 1998 event. The splits are available here in several forms. You should find them interesting. We do have one or two missing individual splits. To make the math come out, these are estimated and noted on the spreadsheet files. (We now have the Scothorn Gap splits which were originally missing.) Note: These are big tables but I have reduced the file sizes significantly by using styles rather than applying font attributes in each cell. For that reason, these will display best with a version 4 browser--Netscape 4 or, better, Internet Explorer 4.

Arrival Time of Day at Aid Stations

This is an HTML file that shows the arrival times of each runner at all aid stations. All times are time-of-day on a 24 hour clock ("20:30" is 8:30 pm--the race started at 5:00 am).

Times between aid stations

This HTML file shows the time it took each runner between each pair of aid stations.

Sorted Times for Each Segment

These files break the event down into smaller races. Who did the last section the fastest? It was not the winner! These files list the segment times sorted from fastest to slowest. You can compare a runners place in each segment with their place at the finish.

Quattro Pro Splits File

This is the file for you if you want to do any math yourself. It is a spreadsheet with the times in TIME format so you can do math with them. Both the times of arrival and the times between aid stations are on this chart. Excel version.

Quattro Pro file with times between aid stations

This is a spreadsheet with only the times between aid stations. Excel version.

Segment Times